All the things that used to rip my heart to shreds are now simply laughable.
I just love how honesty will hit you like ten tons of fucking bricks.
Whether you're 10 or 100 when it happens, it will hit you.
All of the images you have buildt up inside of yourself will dissolve.
And there will be noone there to stroke your hair when it happens.
To hear your words, to wipe your tears.
There will only be air. Which will only soothe the ones who let it.
Honesty is the most important thing we have.
I'm so sorry it will kill you when you find it buried within.

Pitchblack water, tweeting birds and fleeting memories stenched with questionable alcohol.
This is what I forgot to remember.

What I remember though; is simple.
A person.
That has walked beside me for a long time,
is now back to where we once were.
It makes me smile, just writing out my words about this feeling.
I can't cope to explain it.


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