face shot.

long, black, straight bangs.

short hair + shaved sides in lines.

brown/black and bandana-tied.

brown with sandy streaks.


brown, long, short/no bangs.

shaved side + brown with golden streaks.

Short, brown.


Akita puppy.

I am jealous of whoever is the owner of this sweetheart.

4-way monologue.

A horse with no name.

And I always exit.

This is when I leave.
Zoom out.
Think of nothing instead of everything.

There is nowhere I can go.
And nowhere I actually would want to go.

The magic eight ball said yes. (but how come?)
Maybe even fate cannot help you if you are unreachable.

So I take my blanket out and I just walk, wrapped up in it.
Walk to the only place I do not want to go.

Where the only one who can comfort me is sitting beside the window.
So I say hi in the way we say hi, butt our two heads together.
Mine, significantly larger than his.
The only one to have a silent yawn and a gruesome purr.

Fall asleep, in the only thing I brought with me.
Even though there was heaps of stuff that was not where I was.
No sleep playlist. No thoughts. No nothing.
Just me and my furry best friend, and a Gossip Girl episode on the download.

AIDS awareness ad from France.

Feline photography.

(favorite picture above.)

Devon Aoki acts like a cat for Vogue Nippon.
Shot by Camilla Akrans.

Sabretooth shoes.

By Christian Siriano (from Project Runway).
Oh would you mind sending these to me?
From Christian's "Fierce Footwear" Collection.


By Pieter Hugo.

I never really saw his face.

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