I am just a lone wolf. I guess.
I'm like the weather, ever-changing, easily bored/disgusted.

Every minute with a man becomes a test of his patience.
I become an actress, who does things solely for reactions.
When there's no reactions left, when I know he is where he is true, I find myself at some far off balcony sighing next to boredome.
I break things before I get broken, leave before I'm left.
I guess I just pretend because I've been hurt a million times before so, I don't trust people at all anymore.
If it isn't love it isn't worth wasting time.
I tend to vanish.
Turn invisible.
Disappear, no strings attached. Just poof. Gone.

Maybe I'm just a forever-puzzle. A labyrinth where people get lost.

I'd love a man who could read my sad eyes even through my happy mouth,
piece my lies even though they are never spoken.
I haven't found him yet, but who says he isn't out there.

Postat av: Nils

Det heter "haven't FOUND [...]".

2010-01-12 @ 10:04:47

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