So today I was wondering.
About the smiles we exchange and the traits we develop.
Sometimes I feel like I'm re-living the same experiences and personalities, like I am creating them myself.
Today I helped a lady with her grocery items and when I held the door for her to go out she turned around and said Thank You.
Her essence had a feeling of deja vu, which made me wonder.
If that which is like me, within you - is the only thing, that to me, is you?
When in fact, it is only a mutual trait reflected upon you.
What if we walk around indirectly in ourselves and never learn anything besides ourselves?
What if this is our comfort zone which we never step out of?
That we only truly see and hear what we recognize in ourselves.
Like the other qualities are taken away by our mind, and if not, we end up confused.
This is where the birth of hate begins.


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