The unfortunate/fortunate.

Schoolboy archer got shot, got an arrow through his eye/head.
Pic by CEN.

Got shot at close range. Nose stopped the bullet, he now lives.

Fell and landed on parents' car keys, going through the eyes and into his brain. 
Is now well.

Fell off a ladder on a construction site and landed on an 18-inch drill going
through the eye socket/head. Lost an eye but survived.

16 year old stabbed in the forehead with a five-inch blade, survived.

38 year old man with entire blade through his head.
Pic by CEN.

34 nails shot at close range from an 85mm nail gun.
I hope his soul got out of there in time.

Postat av: Adrian

Cheated on the wrong computer game at the wrong internetcafe.

2010-04-13 @ 21:09:43
Postat av: zahraisabelle

I love the person who brings a knife to an internetcafé. You know, just in case somebody cheats and you really feel like killing them.

2010-04-13 @ 21:25:51

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