And I always exit.

This is when I leave.
Zoom out.
Think of nothing instead of everything.

There is nowhere I can go.
And nowhere I actually would want to go.

The magic eight ball said yes. (but how come?)
Maybe even fate cannot help you if you are unreachable.

So I take my blanket out and I just walk, wrapped up in it.
Walk to the only place I do not want to go.

Where the only one who can comfort me is sitting beside the window.
So I say hi in the way we say hi, butt our two heads together.
Mine, significantly larger than his.
The only one to have a silent yawn and a gruesome purr.

Fall asleep, in the only thing I brought with me.
Even though there was heaps of stuff that was not where I was.
No sleep playlist. No thoughts. No nothing.
Just me and my furry best friend, and a Gossip Girl episode on the download.


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