Some people say...

"Love is a battlefield."
I disagree.

I say love is a minefield.
A minefield where I can walk around relentlessly and recklessly.
Relentlessly and recklessly, not knowing what will happen until it does.
Until I step on that invisible deathtrap.
That deathtrap that will blow my breath out and stun my vision.
Stun my vision, turn me inside out, and clog all that is myself.
Myself, or I, turns into a Why? and I am hurt - but I am blessed.
But even if I am blessed, I do not dare to walk another step.
Walk another step, until I can face all of my fears again.
Until I can take the half-curious steps to my next half-death.

Love is not a battlefield.
But if it was - I would be the last man standing.


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