I just wanted to sum up all my tattoo-ideas.
So why not do it here.

Cause we all know nobody actually cares about it, but me.

On my wrists I want two ribbons/bows that are tied up underneath.
Nothing Disney-ish just something really pretty and soft.

On my feet (which probably will be my favorite tattoos, if I get them done)
I want, on the right foot, a girl who's blowing a kiss.
Really flowy and natural/earthy and the kiss should be windy and followed to the next foot.
And on the left foot I want a boy who catches it, or a boy who gets it on the cheek and looks
embarrassed.And I want it to say "kisses blown are kisses wasted" on the back of my
both feet.

I really want a chestpiece or a backpiece.
For a chestpiece I though about white doves flying together faced forward.
A blue/white tattoo, with a lot of motion and air, I want the feeling of movement.
It's that sort of tattoo that never gets old.

For a backpiece I thought about hunters.
You know those shields a hunter put up with animal (trophy)heads on the walls in their
houses? Ding. I want one of those, but with instead of an animal head on it, I want a
self portrait. With that empty zombie look in the eyes, and blood dripping from the mouth.
And I want some antlers. And a banner underneath that says "One of a kind catch"
or something like that.

On my hand I've thought about writing "Parle à ma main" for a long time.
Which is french for Talk To The Hand. Sleezy, cheesy, childish, juuuust like me.

I want something on the back of my thighs. I thought about ribbons there before I
thought about putting them on my wrists. But I really don't want anything that's a problem
with dresses and such. So maybe a text or something. I don't really know. I just think it's pretty.

Oh and I'm getting a brothernsister tattoo with my big brother.
A divided heart that comes together. I want it victorian styled, deep red.

All of these ideas will not get made, I am aware of that.


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