I want that adidas jumpsuit I saw today.
I want it so bad that I can feel it.


Surround me with nonsense please.
Please help me stop thinking.
Because if I am thinking I know that I am alive.
But when I know that I am alive,
I am thinking too much.


I saw the most adorable old man some days ago, on my way to school.
He was joyful and he smiled at me right before a crossing.
Even if there was no cars as far as I could see, he stopped.
And so did I. Only because he did. The light was red.
It would feel arrogant not to stop, I stood right beside him.
He touched the button and the light turned green, instantly.
He looked at me, smiling, and said "Aren't we lucky, today?".
I could not help but to smile.
And I smiled, all the way to school.
I just could not wipe it off.

And I am usually scared of elderly.


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