I've figured that I Love and Hate the same qualities in people.
And the same reason for loving someone,
can at times be the same reason for hating someone.

Today I feel okay. Or tonight, I suppose.
I'm feeling foolish, and fooled.
But optimistic, and curious.

I don't know what to say anymore.
There's no words I dare to speak.
No letters I dare to write.

Never say that it is over, for there is always things waiting for you.
I was never a person to wait, I sure hope someone is.
And good things does come to me,
I just never realize it before it comes to an end.

Fate is of curious matter.
Maybe the persons you meet are only the sneaktip.
Points you in the right direction, without you knowing it.


It is sad when the whole world got their eyeballs in your keyhole.
I will never say anything dishonest.
For I am certain that I am a loyal person.
And if you are in it for the scoop, you might aswell get out.
There is nothing to find.


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