My idea of beautiful.

The world is for us.


A girl can dream, right?

Forgot to tell

I have purple hair now.

Roam where you roam.


Like the angel.

I could use someone like you.

Cat in a hat.

New Camera.


As was intended.

La la la la la 

If I had my way
You would still be stuck on me
But when I run myself 
don't say I dreamed of you again

La la la la la

You know you tore my heart
You did just what I always thought

La la la la la 


That song came on. While I was at the beach, that song came on.
That song that were you.
It did not remind me of you, it actually were pervaded by the essence of you.
Out to the song's little fingertips, in every corner of the song.
In every beat, rhythm, in every lyric.
I could not shake it off, even if I wanted to. (But that was not the case.)
I danced and sang along, with you. 
Even though it might have seemed like it - I was not alone.
You were there, dancing and singing too. And smiling.
Nobody knew that this song was for me and you.


I miss the way you understood me and where I was.
I miss the way you laughed, kissed my cheek when you were drunk.
The way you told me everything would work out.
Told me you were happy to see me, and that I should take care of myself.
Told me she was blind and deaf about me, because you knew I thought so too.

And it has been too long girl, it has been to long.
I miss your tiny face and your thoughts and the way we talk.
I miss crying when you left, because I could.
I miss our hi's and goodbye's.

But I know you are there.
I know you are there if I only reach one hand out and call your name.
And I know you are not lost. I know you would grab my hand too.
That, for me, is comforting.

To know that you are there.
Some day when I am broken, battered and bruised.
You would be my 911 call. My ambulance, my rescue.

Be my Nick and I'll be your Norah.

The way you are looking in your sleep, the way you are looking when you leap.
The strange Illusions that you keep. You don't know that I'm noticing.

I am strong enough.
Or at least I am strong enough to pretend that I am strong enough.
All that ever mattered to me was his touch and his gaze.
Even if it were for just a split second, that split second could have lasted a month.
But I knew.
Deep down I knew, his touch could never be permanent.
His gaze looked straight through me.
Still he kept coming back?
Then again, so did I. And we both knew.
I despise you. That is what I said. (At least it was in my head.)

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