She and him.

She took all of his words, and turned them into her own.
He told her he loved her.
(He was sleeptalking, but she was awake, so it mattered.)

She was going away.
He was not fond of this.
But all she has to do was to make him forget.
Make him forget for a second, and he is had.
She locked and loaded, filled him with sugar.
Catched his tongue in her mouth.
Climbed on him, tickled him, broke his mood.

But she is a lone wolf until the end of time.
She is a forever puzzle, and that is how it is.
Too flawless and too controlled.
Like a fake ad on a billboard.
She comes and goes, does as she please.
It was always easier for her to break things.
Break things and not get broken.

So she disappeared.
Turned to invisible.
Like she had done a million times before.
And that is about it.
No strings, no fat lady singing.


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