Birthday riddle.

Today my mother shared an interesting fact.
She said.
"My surprise for your birthday is done.
I have taken a week in june off work."

Then she did not say anything else.
I was left a bit puzzled, then I realized.
Vacation? But where would she take me?
We have talked about New York a lot.
I really really want to go there.
Swag the streets and shop really high heels.
See the huge buildings and Central Park.

If I know my mother right though it is probably a trip to Italy.
Haha. Italy is anywhere and everywhere for her.
And I never want to go there.

About vacations.
I have never gone somewhere by aeroplane.
And if I go to the US it will be one hell of an aeroplane-ride.
I am a little bit scared about that. Hm.

Picture from last summer.
Just for the fuck of it.


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