(This piece of text is from a comic book,
I do not remember the title.)

Paris: An artist's city.
Atleast that's its rep.
Picasso, Dali.. They all came here.
Romantics - all of them.

Humanity killed art years ago.
They killed it. Replaced it with simulations.
Then life was replaced with a simulation.

People going to the Mona Lisa, not to
look at it but because it's the Mona Lisa.

Then they quit to see it at all.
They'd just stitch it on a screen.
A picture of a picture on a screen.

A knowing, tired nudge and wink saying
"We've seen it all, it's all been done"
Don't try anything new, we've done up "new".

The romantics never believed it, though.
They'd say "Maybe you've heard it all.
Maybe you've said it all. But I haven't."

So art isn't dead. It's hold
up in some second floor studio.

All the same.
I say to hell with romantics.
They were never a sensible
bunch to begin with.

Paris as seen from Pompidou.


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