I think it is wrong.

How suddenly when media cannot make money out of Michael Jackson
because he is now dead, praise has started heaping in like never before.
Cause I, I do remember the time when MJ only stood for something positive.
I am not surprised the pressure pushed him from the edge.
So why did all of the accusations somehow turned into glorification at 
the 25 of june, the day when Michael's life ended?
It is all a big swindle. 
How can people look past this brainwashing?
Everything that is today positive about the king of pop, 
was what initially killed him.
Media buried Michael Jackson.
This upsets me.
All of the honour is only another paycheck.
Some new headlines and spreads.
Since when in the last five years have you ever seen positive news featuring MJ?
What the fuck, people. 
Realize that media and hypocracy go fucking hand in hand.

Do not get me wrong.
I think he deserves the praise.
That is not what it is about.
I am not claiming his innocence, I am not calling him guilty of anything.

I just do not understand why people can not see that this is wrong.
And in this monkey see monkey do world - now all of the sudden 
Michael Jackson is potrayed like a hero in the media. Like never before.
Everybody took advantage of him when he was alive.
And it did not even stop when he did.

I see the MTV memorial hours and all I see is money.
Money money money and lies lies lies.
Magazine editors going:
"The people want Michael Jackson, so let us give them Michael Jackson."
That is what I see.

I would go crazy.
I would go crazy if I was extremely famous my entire life.
Not saying that Michael Jackson were.
Just saying I would.

So Rest In Peace Michael Jackson. 
Some days, you rocked my world.

From Google.


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