Hard? I might be. But I am not impossible, you see.

I saw him. No conversation, my eyes just spotted him.
My very own Mr. Big - as one of my friends very nicely put it.
Shwooping by me as if I was not even there.
It is funny how I have not seen him in ages still I know that
if he had seen me that day, it would have been good.
Would have, Could have, Should have.
I would have stopped him if I was not paralyzed by his existance.
I could have shouted his name if I did not know it would not make anything different.
I should have talked to him.. if I did not know I should not have.

I had not seen him in forever.
Still I knew, exactly when I sighted him.
It is you.
A bit longer hair, a bit shorter beard, quite possibly a bit more ignorant.
But it is you.

And then I just let it go.


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