An introduction perhaps?

Hello. My name is Zahra.
And people run their mouths like they know me.

I can't sleep at night so I don't.
I was terrified of aliens until i turned 14-ish.

There is places I want to go.
There is people I want to meet.

There were times when I was convinced to save every animal on this planet.
There were more recent times when I realized that I couldn't do so on my own.

I am loud, I am aware of my high-pitched annoying voice.
I could save my breath, but what is the use?

Love a good conversation.
And a bad one, too.

There are places to which I went.
There are people whom which I have met.

I always have my guards up.
Do not trust people nearly as much as I know that I should.

I love the things that break my heart.

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Det känns konstigt att kommentera på svenska när du skriver på engelska.

Men jag gillade den korta, men bra beskrivningen!

2009-01-26 @ 17:11:39
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