Today is a new day.

Like one of my friends said yesterday, which I have thought about a lot since.
"Have you ever thought about how, today is a new day? Today something is happening
that has never happened like it is happening today. It is something brand new."

Today, that makes me smile.
It is all about perspective.


I am bothered about a bunch of stuff this day.

I figured I am bothered with how humans constantly feel like they
have to know everything. So they can prepare for whatever comes.

Do not care. Do not care and you will not have to wonder.
You will not have to think, to act, to fuss, to fight.
Live in the now.
Do not care about the things that make people come together,
and at the same time pulls people apart.

Do like the animals do. Do not care and everything will be great.
Save yourself trom the anxiety of never being first to know.

Humans are fun.
The more we know the more horrible we feel.
And now when we 'know' so much, we feel the most miserable.

The whole humanity is fooled by biological tricks,
that keeps us moving forward and multiplying like mold.

The whole world is suffering, damn it.
Still I sit here typing words on my computer.
Still you sit there reading my useless thoughts.

Why do we not save ourselves?
Why do we keep birthing babies in to this hell for a world.
Are we too naive? To realize that we can not make it.
Are we fooling ourselves? I assume we are. (We must be?)

I think a human is born with every quality there is.
Even if some of them are known as sinful.
Friendly, rude, arrogant, stubborn, curious etc etc.
I do not think there are good people and bad people.
See, I believe that even the friendliest person can be ruthless at times.
And I think anyone could bring out the good and bad qualities in whoever.

Yet again, I guess it is all about perspective.


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