I got this where my heart used to be.

I do not know where I lost my heart... or why. I do not even recall when.
All I know is that it is not where it should be.

"We would be good together."
"We would not. I would break your heart."
"I could break yours too."
"Nobody breaks my heart. And otherwise, why would I want that?"

I wonder if it feels lost. How it is doing on its own.
Is it torn apart, shattered, broken, trampled.. or even perfectly fine.
Maybe it is my fault. Maybe I let it go. Maybe I never had a heart.

Did anyone pick it up? Is someone holding it in their hands?

Is that someone you?

I wonder if anyone hocked it. That would be a blessing.
Finding your own heart in a retail store window.
Like meeting an old friend. Is it you? Is it really you?
Placing your right hand on the window,
remembering the times when you were unseperable.

But maybe the heart on a piedestal in a store window
is not the heart you used to know.

At times you were my dearest.
For making me feel.
Other times I wished death upon you.
For making me feel too much.

There is only ice now.
As chilly as a winter bath outdoors.


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