I tend to bite my nails. Too often.

I am such a bookworm.

 I do not trust in music. Or people who claim music to be their lives.

I can not identify a bastard until I like him too much to care.

 People find me arrogant. I find that hilarious.

 I legitimately try to be the nicest person I can be.

 People do not know how great I am until they find out.

 I will do whatever I want, if I want it enough.

Good people bring out the good in me. And vice versa.

 Remembrance of things long past is not my thing. I tend to forgive (and forget).

 You might think I am just little.
   Fact is I am probably more than you could handle.

I feel stressed 95% of the time. Even when I am not doing anything.

 I have gone through every style possible. I embrace change.

 I prefer animals to people. (I am sorry).

 Ice, I just love it.

 It took me sixteen years to learn how to burp.

 When I am on other people's computers,
   I tend to write my passwords in the username boxes.

 If I try to fix things they always turn worse.

 I have never broken a bone in my body.

Sometimes it feels like my brain has lived a thousand lives before.
And like my skin holds a heart that quits and needs that buckle-in. 
And lungs that can not breathe when they are alone.

Is this something that is not worth losing? 
Ray Charles could not be more right, right now.


Postat av: Anonym

"It took me sixteen years to learn how to burp." hahah det lät jätte sött när jag läste det, fast vet inte om konsten att rapa kan beskrivas som sött.

Men så jävla gullig kid typ 12 år: " jag kan inte rapa" hahah

2009-02-18 @ 23:38:38
URL: http://citydreamer.blogg.se/
Postat av: Anonym

Haha, ja, det var typ så. Jag var överlycklig dagen jag drack massa Coca Cola och smög fram tre rapar efter varandra. Det hade liksom aldrig hänt förut.

2009-02-19 @ 12:27:48

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