I walked home.
With a feeling of unconsciousness going through my body.
Like I did not know what had just hit me.
Or why I had let something ruin a night that could have been perfect.

But I had to carry on.

I reached the halfway mark.
My eyes outlined a bench, where I sat.
Without realizing there was a man sitting beside me.
I placed my both hands on the bench loose right next to my body.

I must have looked dreadful since he put one of his hands over mine.
I looked up with a facial expression that most likely conveyed indifference.
And he looked at me back.
His face did not move. Neither did his hand.

I should have been thrown back.
But some times I have this feeling.
That I can clearly see ones true intentions.
And I knew he was true.
He did not want anything from me.
It was like I saw through him for a moment.
And I am certain he saw through me.
How else would he know that right there and then, all I needed was somebody to hold my hand?
It is weird how a complete stranger can care about you more than anyone at a certain time.
Nobody could reach me, but he did.
I did not ask for him to save me. But somehow he did.

I loosened my hand and left.
I did not look back and I knew he did not look after me when I left.
If he did I would have felt it.


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