We went to an island.
Dentist appointment the next day, so I had to leave early and alone.
Which was sort of soothing in a way.
On the way home I got mesmerized with the water.

A bunch of thoughts kept appearing in my mind.
I always try and see if I can see any animals in the water.
In the beginning, I am not convinced.
In the end, I think I have seen all animals swimming there in the deep blue.

Another thing I do is I always visualize the worst possible scenario.
Which is obviously me in the middle of the sea on a boat that is sinking.
That would be the worst. An immense disappointment.
I would drown. (And I would miss my dentist appointment.)

I pondered about how much water there actually were in an ocean.
How my apartment would look if it was filled with water.
I looked at the waves when they acted out.
And I just could not stop looking.

Postat av: tim

i really like your poem, i am thinking you are the one who wrote this?

2011-11-09 @ 15:35:06

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